Fascia and the Energy Body



With Sarah Blattler – Healer and Massage Therapist

Come listen to healer and massage therapist Sarah Blattler of Integrative Arts discuss the impact of injury, trauma or surgery has on the physical and energy bodies. We will learn how massage can help you heal from these experiences. Finally, you will practice meditation and visualization skills that you can use on your own to achieve optimal health, wellness, and emotional freedom.



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Individualized Cleansing Nutritional Program






In 2018, do something that is health boosting rather than draining.

We are offering targeted nutritional support to help your body mobilize and eliminate the toxins that build up from normal life.


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Mindfulness, Meditation & Prayer: 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your New Year




3 easy steps to stay grounded and calm amongst the chaos of the world.


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What is Integrative Medicine?

Our mission is to provide excellent, patient-centered primary care which recognizes that every patient’s health situation is unique. Our integrative model of primary health care utilizes the combined knowledge of Western, holistic, and naturopathic approaches to promote health and personal wellness for persons of any age, background or health condition.  We take the time to look beyond immediate symptoms and try to understand how other aspects of your life, behaviors and environment could be affecting your health. Rather than relying solely on pharmaceuticals, we incorporate natural medicines, nutrients, hands on healing, and working proactively to prevent future problems.

At Northwest Integrative Medicine, we offer a healing alliance based on honesty, compassion, and knowledge, and will advocate for your best interests with other practitioners and specialists.  We work with you to find a path toward meeting all your needs and goals.



At Northwest Integrative Medicine, we can help you with:


From regular checkups to support for all their boo boos, owies and ickies, our physicians can help.

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Women's Health

Our clinic supports women through all the transitions in life. From fertility issues to menopause and everything in between, we have your back.

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IV & Injection Therapy

These therapies can help relieve pain, rehydrate, and offer direct nutritional repletion. Talk to your provider to find out if these could be helpful for you.

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Men’s Health

Our physicians can help with complaints such as erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, fertility support and low testosterone.  Our specially-trained doctors can work to provide customized care for your needs.

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