“THE best medical care, hands down — focusing on the person and the root causes — not a pill to mask a symptom. This type of attentive care directly from the doctor is unprecedented. You will meet with a Dr. 1 on 1 for nearly an hour and get an individualized plan for care. On top of this unique level of care, Dr. Maeghan Culver is brilliant and will provide insight into the causes creating the symptoms and practical steps to take to address the source. This is the future that medical care should be and we just happen to be lucky to have Maeghan in our town!”

~ Tony G. 1/26/18 Facebook

“I found Dr. Megs after going through many other Naturopaths and Doctors. I have a very complicated health situation and she has been VERY attentive and caring to my situation.
If you need someone who is authentic, listens and goes above and beyond, this is your place. She also does amazing Cranio Sacral Therapy.

~ Tana T. 1/26/18 Facebook

“Very professional and holistic practice that sees the individual as a whole being. Dr. Oni has been incredible with my son! Couldn’t more highly recommend them!”

~ Betsy B.,11/17/17 Google

“I recently attended a free lecture given by Dr. True at Northwest Integrative Medicine on the differences between food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerance and the different testing available. With Dr. True’s approachable style of teaching I found that what I had assumed were food allergies may be food intolerences and how our bodies react to each differently. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the convenient evening time frame that Dr. True scheduled this free lecture. Thank you Dr. True for taking precious time from your family to teach us about why we react to certain foods and how to take care of ourselves. I look forward to upcoming lectures and events at Northwest Integrative Medicine.”

~ Kimmie J., 11/5/17 Google

“I saw Dr. Maeghan about my digestive/gut issues over the summer. She was, prompt, thorough, and looked at my overall health and diet. Dr. Meaghan prescribed natural herbs and supplements and it has made a big difference. Thank you so much!!!”

~ Alvin B., 11/1/17 Google

“I’ve been a patient of Dr Maeghan Culver for a number of months now. I can’t believe the positive changes I’ve experienced with my overall health. I take my daughter to see her as well and have also encouraged my husband to visit her too. We have all experienced amazing benefits. I’ve honestly never been to a doctor that is more like a friend that knows all about health and wellness.
When I go in for an appointment I don’t feel rushed. I don’t feel ignored. I don’t feel like I can’t ask questions. All of these situations I’ve experienced at other doctors offices over the years.
Northwest Integrative Medicine and Dr Maeghan Culver make me want to go in​ just for well visits and check ups…not only when I feel sick.
I’m certain this is going to give me lasting results in my overall health for the rest of my life.
Thanks Dr Maeghan Culver for all that you do.”

~ Bethya B. 5/1/17 Facebook

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to the professional team of NWIM. The Doctors and staff are a wonderful caring team that I cannot say enough good things about. They have given me hope with the long term medical conditions that I have. I wouldn’t be as far in my rehabilitation if it wasn’t for Dr. True. The treatments and genuine care she has given me has been a huge help in trying to regain some quaility of my life. They work with you even if you have financial challenges. The food intolerance test they did was and is a big key I feel in my recovering and being able to get better. The hydro therapy is making a difference for my conditions. NWIM is a great medical team and they are a caring team of people that want to make a difference for you. They celebrate your successes big or small in the road to a healthy life. I Thank You all at NWIM for the genuine care and concern all of you have shown me in my visits and care. I continue to look forward to getting better and better. I know its slow going sometimes. But, they encourage me every step of the way.
Thank you again NWIM and Dr.True, Dr. Megan, and Dr. Oni for the care you have given to me. Melissa thank you for all your help setting appointments and keeping me on track. I can never say thank you enough to all of you for everything you have done for my care and the hope I have of gaining some quality to my life. I wouldnt be where I am today if not for the care from All of you at NWIM that you have shown and given to me.”

~ Suzette S. 7/16/17

“Just had my first appointment today. And for the love of all wondrous, mythical creatures that are in the world; I have found a doctor who actually listens. For real, no jokes . Hold onto your socks because Maeghan is going to blow your mind :). 10/10 would recommend highly every time!
In all seriousness, if you want to feel like you matter and feel like someone actually hears you; please make an appointment. To her you are not just another number, you are a valued member of her community.”

~ Stephanie D. 8/9/16 Facebook

“Dr. Maeghan Culver is a god send!! I have hypo parathyroidism so I have to get weekly IV Calcium which most people would be super bummed about but she always makes my visits sort of the highlight of my week! Her personality is incredible! So fun and witty! If only all physicians were as silly and compassionate as she is! I must say I was a bit skeptical about my treatment plan in the beginning because I’d always just been pumped full of pills and sent on my way but Dr. Maeghan and Dr. Stephanie really know their stuff! While every day is a bit different than the day before in the way of progress I can 100% feel the therapeutic effects of my treatment and I can finally move around like normal! Thank you ladies so much for helping me get back on my feet! I needed you two more than I knew!”

~ Stephanie M. 6/17/16 Facebook

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